Ten Beer Myths Debunked
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Ten Beer Myths Debunked

Beers birth was eons ago, and while most of us enjoy it for all of its variety and taste, it is also often misunderstood. Beer myths seem to be running rampant around the beer-loving community to this day.

Before the next regular at your local neighborhood brewery claims he knows the truth about how lagers and pilsners are the same, or that all beer needs to be served cold, we’ve decided to get to the bottom of the most infamous beer myths around to date. Check them out, and remember to correct your local bar patron the next time they attempt to justify a false beer myth.

1. Canned Beers Are Cheap

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of snubbing my nose when handed a cold beer in a can. Maybe this myth comes from the fact that, yes, there are some cheap canned beers out there. However, the truth is that cans are one of the best ways to package beers since they protect them from oxygen and light even better than bottles. So don’t turn down a cold one just because it’s in a can – it might be the best beer you have tasted in a while!

2. Beer Should Be Consumed Straight from the Bottle

If you drink your beer straight from the bottle, we have some news for you, my friend – this myth is false! Pour your beer into a glass to get the maximum amount of aroma and flavor. Pouring your beer into a glass heightens its smell and taste to your senses as well. Bonus: you avoid that harsh, metallic taste from the point at which the cap touched the bottle, too.

3. The Higher the ABV, the More Flavorful the Beer

With the recent surge in the craft beer movement, beers have steadily become not only more flavorful but more alcoholic as well. Before the last decade or so, the majority of beers in America rested in the 4 to 5% ABV range. However, recent styles of stouts and barleywines have now skyrocketed up the double digits. However, does higher alcohol mean better flavor? Not necessarily.

Some of the most complex and intriguing flavored beers are still within the 3 to 6% range, including English bitters, Scottish ales, sour beers, and more. There are a ton of lower-alcohol IPAs that have all of the flavor and dimensions of the beers with a higher ABV, without the crazy high alcohol content.

4. Beer is Best Served Ice-cold

For the longest time, we pour our beer into frosty mugs, assuming that this was the best way to drink it. However, beer really shouldn’t be consumed while it is overly-cold. Yes, you heard that right. When beer is too cold, it inhibits your tongue’s taste receptors, so you do not experience its full flavor. Darker beers, like stout beers and imperials, should be served at room temperature, while lighter-colored beers are best cold, (but never ice cold).

5. Draft Beer Gives You a Hangover

This myth is false. Draft beer does not give a person any more or less of the symptoms associated with a hangover the day after consuming it. If you are feeling rough, you most likely drank too much or had your beer served from dirty lines. To add to this myth, Draft Beer Intelligence, beverage system, and draft beer system designs are so on point that those that drink from these dispense systems never experience hangovers. Visit, The 908 or Common Space to test this theory.

6. Beer Will Give You a “Beer Belly”

While we cannot say that beer aids in your efforts to lose weight, we do believe that it has gotten an unfair stigma for being the main culprit in weight gain. Sure, if you drink too much beer, you probably gain weight, but beer does not cause you to gain more weight than any other beverage of equal calories. So go ahead – enjoy that IPA with your dinner!

7. Lagers are Light and Flavorless

While certain lagers are lighter than others, lagers come in a range of varieties and styles. Similar to how ales can come in cream ales, pale ales, and witbier, lagers to come in more than just macros. If you are on the hunt for a lager with a more rounded and bold flavor, try a Baltic porter or dopplebock.

8. Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker

The first beer myth I was ever told, and when we would head to the bars on a night out back in college, we stuck to this saying like it was gospel. However, the quantity of alcohol you consume has a much harsher effect on your hangover than the order in which you drink it.

9. You Should Age Craft Beers

A false myth – not all craft beers should be aged. While aging some high alcohol beers can help them, hoppy beers (like an IPA) are better when consumed fresh.

10. All Beer is Basically the Same

First of all, how dare you? In all seriousness, though, there is an incredible diversity of flavor in beer. Styles and taste range from bitter, to sweet, to sour. Beer can have almost no alcohol content whatsoever, or it can be stronger than wine. It can be light and refreshing, or dark, thick, and bold. So before you write off all beer as having similar taste, head to your local brewery and ask for a flight to try out a few different types for yourself.

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