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Like The Expendables, but for beer


Veteran, Spartan Trainer & Beverage System Expert
Following a stint in the Marine Corps where he was blessed to see only the best tourist destinations the world has to offer, Cam returned to learn the refrigeration trade and developed his skills for years with a large industry leader. Cameron now devotes his skills to beverage system and bar design, and made it his mission to turn the industry upside down.


Hat Connoisseur, Bonkers & Beverage System Expert
When he is not making beer great again, Peter dabbles in trying to make the impossible, possible. He often excels at all aspects of life except time. While they say his skill set has no limits, he finds happiness in the refrigeration and beverage systems. He strives for perfection because he accepts nothing less than the best. He has made many friends through the years, most notably at a house the size of a yard. Peters intent on being a beverage industry disrupter will keep him out of rabbit holes.

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