Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff started his career as a service technician, specializing in refrigeration, which became a gateway to everything restaurant related. As an apprentice, with a vivid imagination, out of box thinking and an eagerness to understand everything he touched, Peter became quickly adept in multiple construction trades. During this time, Peter diligently learned how to fabricate, design, engineer, weld, and repair all restaurant-related equipment. A significant portion of Peter’s success during this time was his belief in customer service and establishing trustworthy and honest relationships with customers. This mindset and specialization in refrigeration and draft beer systems led him to join the Yard House Restaurants, where he was instrumental in building their Facilities Department from the ground up.

Peter’s vision for the Facilities Department supported the restaurant operators and provided them with a valet-type service for all of their facility needs and anything else his team could aid. This aid allowed the operators to focus on their guests and team members, providing an unparalleled experience for everyone in the restaurant.

Peter identified a disconnect between the restaurant operators, their facilities, and new construction. He took this as an opportunity to build better, more efficient restaurants, and in the process, bring people from different areas into more constructive professional relationships. These views led him to branch out into new construction and became integral to the design and layout processes of new Yard House restaurants.

Peter and his team were also instrumental in identifying opportunities in the development, design, and installation of Yard Houses draft beer systems. During their time with Yard House, Peter and David made significant contributions to properly designing and installing an advanced proprietary beer system at Yard House restaurants. These design and installation changes lead to draft systems that lasted longer, poured colder, and generated more profits.

In addition to the draft system changes, Peter also identified and developed a better way of designing and installing the Yard House Refrigeration systems. Through his experiences in the field, he made proprietary changes and standardized equipment specifications that made it much easier to extend the life of the equipment and make it service friendly, which, as a result, reduces the repair and maintenance budgets for a restaurant company. These changes through their custom manufacturer have become standard and applied to many of their customers throughout the world.

Peter was responsible for all facilities at 60+ Yard House restaurants – from overseeing all remodeling projects to procuring preventative maintenance, cyclical services, repairs, and national contracts for facility services to reduce operational costs and maintain a high quality of service and performance.

Peter also implemented facilities and construction infrastructure at Eureka! for 20+ restaurants appropriate to their sales and budget. During this time, Peter contributed to several successful restaurant openings, lighting program rollout, much-needed draft systems upgrades, and building successful relationships with the Eureka! Operations team.

Peter held the positions of Director of Facilities for both Yard House and Eureka! Peter has developed stellar relationships with vendors all over the US, and this, coupled with his intricate knowledge of inner restaurant workings, allows DBI to put together specialized teams through their network of partners.

This new challenge we call Draft Beer Intelligence is a result of our experiences in the industry and the areas of opportunity we have identified amongst our peers. We feel the craft beer industry needs more design and installation companies that could provide a high level of “craft”-manship and full support from the brewery to refrigeration and the keg to draft dispensing. We hope to form new partnerships, make many new friends, bring old friends together, provide a one-stop solution to clients, and, more than anything, positively impact the industry.