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Our focus is customer service and beverage system quality. This service includes beverage system support and education before and after the project is complete. Our goal is to develop successful long-term relationships with our customers.






DBI remains on the cutting edge of technology regarding all beverage, draft beer, and draft wine systems. Our experience in refrigeration and brewery equipment and the industry's key manufacturers gives us the ability to provide our customers with the latest products. If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it.


DBI supports quality products, backed by hard-working, honest companies. We build relationships with like-minded people that want to improve our industry. The value of these relationships benefits the quality and profitability of your beverage and refrigeration systems.

Draft Beer Intelligence has a rare skill set in today's beverage industry as a licensed refrigeration contractor to our engineering and construction experience. There are very few companies in the industry that match up to our service offerings. A brewery can put out the best product possible for its customers. But, once it leave their facility, the perception and sale of that product are directly related to the beverage system design, installation, and maintenance of the draft system.


Draft Beer Intelligence designs and installs systems that maintain the quality purveyors intended for their customers from the brewery to the winery to the glass. We call this "Doing Beer Justice."


Quality and customer service are two of the primary factors in the restaurant and hospitality business. Draft Beer Intelligence spent many years cultivating and curating knowledge from operations teams, so we strive to translate that excellent service to you.


We understand the day-to-day management of profits and margins, related to the rising labor, food, and alcohol costs. Draft Beer Intelligence helps you maximize your concepts profits by customizing every beverage system design to your layout and specification requirements to optimize your keg yields. While our competitors and major manufacturers design and install cookie-cutter systems that don’t yield the maximum profit per keg, which leads to pouring money down the drain.


With our experience in beverage and refrigeration systems, Draft Beer Intelligence can assist you with new construction, beverage system remodels, or troubleshooting a system that's pouring away your profits. Most importantly, we have the ability and resources to bring your beverage system ideas to life.


We partner with industry professionals that can help develop your beverage program, draft beer education, custom stainless steel fabrication, and general construction.



Following a stint in the Marine Corps where he was blessed to see only the best tourist destinations the world has to offer, Cam returned to learn the refrigeration trade and developed his skills for years with a large industry leader. Cameron now devotes his skills to beverage system and bar design, and made it his mission to turn the industry upside down.

Veteran, Spartan Trainer & Beverage System Expert


When he is not making beer systems great again, Peter dabbles in making the impossible possible. He often excels at all aspects of life except time. While they say his skill set has no limits, Peter finds happiness in refrigeration and beverage systems. He strives for perfection because he accepts nothing less than the best. He has made many friends through the years, most notably at a house the size of a yard. Peters intent on being a beverage industry disrupter will keep him out of rabbit holes and out of the Queens reach.



Cameron entered the Marine Corps at a young age, serving two tours overseas. During his stint, Cameron developed unbreakable bonds with many of the men who served with him. His military experience molded Cameron’s core values. His leadership, dedication, commitment, and loyalty have contributed to the personal relationships and professional success he continues to pursue.

After serving, Cameron began his career in the refrigeration trade as a service technician. Cameron completed a two-year course in air conditioning and refrigeration while simultaneously working in the field, gaining valuable experience in both theory and hands-on service and construction work. Cameron became quickly adept in multiple construction trades and took on every challenge and obstacle in his path. During this time, Cameron’s hunger for knowledge pushed him to master refrigeration theory and the electrical and plumbing trades.

Cameron worked for a start-up commercial refrigeration contractor and spent several years performing project management, installations, and service repairs for the restaurant and hospitality industry. It was at this time that Cameron met the Facility Director for the Yard House Restaurant Group. In Peter’s words, he finally found someone who gave as many fucks as he did about anything and everything he was doing. This bond led to Cameron being the official point person for the entire Southern California Yard House Restaurant Group. Cameron quickly built relationships with the whole YH operations team through his performance, communication, and customer service.

Cameron eventually outgrew his position and was presented with an opportunity to work for a large refrigeration manufacturer, Cooltec. This new project manager role comprised of many responsibilities and challenges, and Cameron wore many hats – project manager, service technician, quality control, engineer, designer, tech support, world traveler – all items within his scope for the position. The clients included large chain restaurants, hotels, universities, casinos, and stadiums. As a result of this broad client base, Cameron worked closely with foodservice designers, equipment dealers, and restaurant owners, who all had a different perspective and requirements inadequately executing a project.

Cameron’s involvement in every stage of a project allowed him to further his knowledge of all aspects of a diverse industry. Cameron was able to gain insight into what drove restaurant owners and their budgets, the ins and outs of equipment dealer distribution, and the struggles of foodservice designers while attempting to pull all of it together into a successful package...


Peter Popoff started his career as a service technician, specializing in refrigeration, which became a gateway to everything restaurant-related. As an apprentice, with a vivid imagination, out of box thinking, and an eagerness to understand everything he touched, Peter became quickly adept in multiple construction trades. During this time, Peter diligently learned how to fabricate, design, engineer, weld, and repair restaurant-related equipment.

A significant portion of Peter's success during this time was his belief in customer service and establishing trustworthy and honest relationships with customers. This mindset and specialization in refrigeration and draft beer systems led him to join the Yard House Restaurants, where he was instrumental in building their Facilities Department from the ground up.

Peter's vision for the Facilities Department supported the restaurant operators. It provided them with a valet-type service for all their facility needs and anything else his team could aid. This aid allowed the operators to focus on their guests and team members, providing an unparalleled experience for everyone in the restaurant.
Peter identified a disconnect between the restaurant operators, their facilities, and new construction. He took this as an opportunity to build better, more efficient restaurants, and in the process, bring people from different specializations into more constructive professional relationships. These views led him to branch out into new construction and became integral to new Yard House restaurants' design and layout processes.

Peter and his team were also instrumental in identifying opportunities in developing, designing, and installing Yard Houses draft beer systems. This team made significant contributions to properly designing and installing the beer system at Yard House restaurants. These design and installation changes led to draft systems that lasted longer, poured colder, and generated more profits...


His experience in real-world field scenarios played an enormous impact on the support he provided all parties involved in executing a project.

Cameron’s collaboration with engineering teams at the initial design phase through the commissioning of the equipment at the job site brought extreme value to anything he touched at Cooltec. His understanding of the day-to-day highs and lows of being a commercial refrigeration company owner and a field technician was performing service calls on a 24/7 cycle allowed him to build a robust national refrigeration contractor network for installations and equipment start-up, and warranty service. His knowledge and ability to build lasting relationships guaranteed successful project execution and customer satisfaction.

Cameron’s most significant accomplishment at Cooltec was the design and development of their Fluid-Pak. The refrigeration system was nominated for and won multiple awards for its design, energy savings, and industry-changing approach to refrigeration in foodservice applications. He paved the way for an entirely new approach to restaurant refrigeration on a large scale. The Cheesecake Factory was the driver of this project, and Cameron delivered for them. This success leads to installations all over the country and internationally.

Cameron’s next challenge was taking his experience back to an established commercial refrigeration contractor as the Director of Operations. The contractor was facing the growing pains of rapid growth, untrained labor, and an aggressive sales/marketing plan. Cameron quickly established a solid foundation of protocols, procedures, and training programs that elevated the team’s technical skills. This lead to consistent execution of projects which allowed their sales team to deliver on client promises.

Cameron’s newest yet the boldest challenge is called Draft Beer Intelligence. Cameron and Peter’s combined experiences in the industry and the opportunities they have witnessed first-hand. Through their combined skill sets and industry knowledge, DBI can provide an all-in-one solution to the industry that combines “craft”-manship, technical expertise, and project management at a much higher level than is being delivered anywhere today. They have set out to form new partnerships, make new friends, bring old friends together, provide a one-stop solution to clients, and, more than anything, make a positive impact on the industry.

In addition to the draft system changes, Peter also identified and developed a better design and installation of the Yard House Refrigeration systems. Through his experiences in the field, he made proprietary changes and standardized equipment specifications that made it much easier to extend the life of the equipment and make it service friendly, which, as a result, reduces the repair and maintenance budgets for a restaurant company. These changes through their custom manufacturer have become standard and applied to many of their customers throughout the world.

Peter was responsible for all facilities at 60+ Yard House restaurants – from overseeing all remodeling projects to procuring preventative maintenance, cyclical services, repairs, and national contracts for facility services to reduce operational costs and maintain a high quality of service and performance.

Peter also implemented facilities and construction infrastructure at Eureka! for 20+ restaurants appropriate to their sales and budget. During this time, Peter contributed to several successful restaurant openings, lighting program rollout, much-needed draft systems upgrades, and building successful relationships with the Eureka! Operations team.

Peter held the positions of Director of Facilities for both Yard House and Eureka! Peter has developed stellar relationships with vendors all over the US. This, coupled with his intricate knowledge of inner restaurant workings, allows Draft Beer Intelligence to put together specialized teams through their network of partners.
This new challenge we call Draft Beer Intelligence results from our experiences in the industry and the areas of opportunity we have identified amongst our peers. We feel the craft beer industry needs more design and installation companies to provide a high level of “craft”-manship and full support from the brewery to refrigeration and the keg to draft dispensing. We hope to form new partnerships, make many new friends, bring old friends together, provide a one-stop solution to our customers, and more than anything, leave a positive impact on the beverage industry.


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