Draft Beer Intelligence is a licensed refrigeration contractor and beverage system design, installation and service company. We provide preventative maintenance programs, system evaluations, and upgrades to existing draft systems.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality beverage systems and ensure that our clients are setup to maintain the system and maximize profits.





We work with your team, project managers, and engineers to design a beverage system that’s made to be efficient, reliable and profitable for your business.


Our overall experience of these systems allows us to provide and install an all-inclusive package with the highest quality in the industry.


Education is the key to keeping your beverage system ready for the perfect pour – We provide custom maintenance programs, ongoing support and training to your operators.

-Ciaran Gough | Co-Founder @ The 908 Dine & Drink

“It is rare that you find a company that understands both refrigeration and glycol at the level of Cam and Peter. Most restaurants with a large beverage component need vendors that can service both. There are economy savings in terms of bundling but also in DBI’s ability to not only design a system but also their availability to service what they installed, hence standing by their work. They have the hunger of a start-up with the tenured experience from previous roles that extend way past their current scope. I have worked with all beer design, maintenance and installation companies, both large and small, and they are by far, the top of the food chain.”

-Kushal Hall | Head Brewer @ Common Space

“Peter and Cameron have been excellent to work with installing our glycol chiller. We use many different sub contractors for many different aspects of our brewery buildout, and DBI was one of the very best in clear communication, on time work, clean and quality work, and continued support. Their continued availability (sometimes late night or weekend by phone) to help troubleshoot glycol issues, and their reaching out to and working with the chiller manufacturer to resolve warranty issues directly, put them a level above other refrigeration companies I have worked with in the past. I highly recommend them. DBI helped us design and build a tap system that met our specific requirements, and worked with us to build a system in our budget.

We had many specific desires – all stainless parts, FOBs and pressure control on each line, working with custom backsplashes, etc. – that Peter and Cameron fulfilled, and exceeded our expectations, all at a fair price. I like to end our brewery tour with a look inside our tap room cooler to show off the clean and orderly system they installed, which I find quite beautiful.”

-David Ascencio | Vice President Operations @ I Draught

“Draft Beer Intelligence has provided excellent service for my company I Draught. We have used them in California and Texas with great success. Peter and Cameron bring a wealth of experience not only with Draft Beer but refrigeration and dispense systems. DBI is always on the cutting edge for new technology and methods for improving efficiency. We look forward to a growing relationship with them for the entire United States.”

-Jimmy Goetz | R&D Brewer @ Ballast Point Long Beach & Downtown Disney

“Damon Reed, the CRO of Pro Chiller, Inc., referred me to Draft Beer Intelligence for our glycol chiller needs at Ballast Point. I was not disappointed.
Peter and his team have provided professional, top notch service and repair on the glycol chillers at our Long Beach and Downtown Disney locations. Aside from the cost (which is great), for each service, DBI provides a follow-up email  with photos and explanations of the problem. This allows us to (1) understand the issues and (2) recognize them (and potentially fix them) should they reoccur.
I am extremely pleased with DBI and recommend them without reservation based on my experiences.”

“I’ve worked with Draft Beer Intelligence many times. They are always performing the highest quality work. When they come and fix your equipment, you always know it’s done right and your repair will last, not just break down again and be overcharged like all the other guys. Great company and very professional staff. I highly recommend them."

-Job Carder

“Draft Beer Intelligence assisted Hard Rock Cafes in the western region of the US for me for 2 years plus. Their innovative and cost savings initiatives helped us save thousands. They assisted us in minor updates as well as provided much needed insight on open projects not within in their reach Thank you guys for always being reliable."

-Ashley Buchanan

“I was referred to Draft Beer Intelligence from a couple of other reputable breweries. After contacting Peter from DBI, I instantly had a good impression being that he helped me figure out what issues I really had with my glycol system. He was very informative and assuring. The service was very time efficient and our system was back to running right that same day he came out with a couple of hours. I highly recommend DBI!"

-Stephen Michael Andrade

"Highly recommend!!  Team was professional and got the job done.  They are the best in the businesses.  Thank you DBI."

-James Kook

“DBI is one of the few companies and services that I would recommend to anyone.  I think back to the first time we had them on site.  We had some pretty major glycol issues starting with the actual plumbing that was done, and even the glycol itself.  It was affecting fermenters and our walk in cooler, which was basically our whole business.  After we had experienced many head aches and set backs because of lesser services, they walked in, identified problems right off the bat and we could see a light at the end of the end of the tunnel for the first time in months.  My business partner and I looked at each other and said "these guys are legit" and I have never forgotten that moment because it was such a big deal to us to have that service, it was that kind of feeling where you "can finally sleep at night." Following that, they of course did an amazing job and we have used them many times since.  Highly recommended for tap services, walk in coolers, glycol systems!"

-Brandon Monroe

“I’ve used Beer Draft Intelligence service for over 2 years, They are an honest and professional group of gentleman who gets the job done right without cutting corners, I recently needed my countertop fridge repaired because it wouldn’t turn on so, I called Peter and gave him the details of the problem I was having with the fridge and, instead of coming out and a creating a false diagnosis he walked me through some things to check out myself and it turned out I just needed to replace my power switch. Before speaking with Peter, I spoke with other companies that quoted me $200 for a false repair that cost me $45 and 15mins of my time, Thank you Peter for your honest service."

-Dayveon Walker

“I've worked with Draft Beer Intelligence for the last three years, and they are my go to beverage system company. I’ve worked with countless beverage system vendors in my career and no one matches their team’s quality, precision and competitive pricing. They are also more than a typical beverage system company, they are  are a commercially licensed refrigeration company, and their skillset covers everything in my restaurants, bars  and brewery, from the foundation to the rooftop.  Thank you, Peter, and the entire DBI team for the excellent service. You are MY favorite vendor."

-Eric Rainville


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