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Common Space Brewery -Glycol Chiller Installation

  • Project: Glycol Chiller Installation
  • Client: Common Space Brewery
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Services: Glycol Chiller, Refrigeration, and Brewery Equipment


DBI installed a 30HP glycol chiller manufactured by G&D Chillers to service the brewery equipment. G&D Chillers completed the glycol chiller system design which included the brewery piping schematics. DBI landed the condenser on the roof platform and experienced a challenging 26 hour period connecting refrigerant piping through a tight attic space between the chiller and condenser coil. DBI performed start-up procedures for both the process piping and refrigeration circuits. Upon completing this mission, fermentation became a reality for the Common Space team.


G&D Glycol Chiller

G&D Chillers builds its equipment in the United States. The entire G&D team is “Committed to Cold” and as a result of this commitment, you can rest easy knowing your chiller is going to perform day in and day out.

Common Space Brewery

The Common Space team designed and laid out its brewery in coordination with Prospero Equipment Corporation. Most importantly, Prospero Equipment Corporation provided all of the equipment for the Common Space brewery.

G&D Glycol Chiller Condenser Coil

With Elon Musks Space X in the near distance, we installed the condenser on the brewery rooftop. DBI piped and tested refrigerant lines from the glycol chiller to the condenser coil in addition to performing a full vacuum and micron check of the refrigeration system.

Refrigerant Piping Leaving Chiller

Making copper great again!

G&D Chillers control panel

This G&D chiller control panel has all kinds of bells and whistles. Therefore, troubleshooting and benchmarking system performance are much easier for both a technician and the end-user. The control panel has a PLC that enables the user to observe system performance in real-time. Also, there is a VFD’s that regulates pump and fan motor output to the required load. In addition, there is an optional remote monitoring capability in this panel.

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