Draft Beer System Installation
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The Dudes Brewing Co. – Draft Beer System Installation

  • Project: Draft Beer System Installation
  • Client: The Dudes Brewing Co.
  • Location: Santa Monica, CA
  • Services: Draft Beer System, Gas Blender, Draft Monitoring System


With their 4th taproom location in Santa Monica, The Dude’s Brewing Company enlisted Draft Beer Intelligence to install 27 draft beer lines and 4 draft wine lines. A tight construction schedule required DBI agents to complete the installation in 48 hours. In addition, the draft beer system included a monitoring system from their partners at iDraught. The monitoring system precisely measures product flow through the draft beer lines and integrates with the POS system to track sales and provide actionable data.


cold transfer faucet

A shadow box installation at the cooler wall to ensure proper cold transfer to the beer faucet.

iDraught intelligent flow meters

iDraught intelligent flow meters installed on each draft beer line to measure product usage.

Draft System Installation

A cold box built of previously used panels was not immediately acceptable by Los Angeles County’s Health Department. However, a letter from the Director at Draft Beer Intelligence assisted the general contractor in passing inspections and meeting opening date. See the edited version of the confidential letter here.

Stainless steel beer faucets

Most importantly, stainless steel beer faucets – because the 1-3 year life of faucets made of lesser materials does not fit the mission.

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