What’s in Your Beer? All About Ingredients
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What’s in your beer? All about the ingredients

What’s in your beer? All about the ingredients

Nearly everyone enjoys indulging in the occasional cold, refreshing glass of beer. However, with beer being such a popular beverage across the globe, very few can tell you the main ingredients that go into nearly every brew. Put yourself in the more knowledgeable category and check out what is in that frosty glass in front of you.


Almost every beer consists of at least 90% water. However, the water which is used to create beer needs to be wholly pure and comply with many requirements. If you have ever noticed that the taste of water varies from city to city, this also influences a varied taste. Does that mean cities with dirtier water have a worst-tasting beer? Not necessarily. By adding minerals, you can try to reproduce higher quality water to alter your end product.


The type of grain used to brew has a significant impact on the end flavor, texture, and clarity. So, pay attention to the type of grain (wheat, rye, barley, oat) as well as the amount of time the grain is roasted, as this can add sweeter characteristics to its flavor.


The hops that are used to are from the flower of the hop plant. The oil within this flower creates a bitter taste to your beverage. There are many different types of hops, which is why that bitter flavor is so varied.


Yeast is one ingredient we all know is vital in the creation of beer. Put, yeast converts the sugar into CO2 and alcohol. Yeast also has an impact on the end flavor, adding spicy and fruity notes. It’s a primary job, however, is creating the booze in the beer you enjoy!

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