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UTOG Brewing Co. – Draft Beer System Installation

  • Project: Draft Beer System Installation
  • Client: UTOG Brewing Co.
  • Location: Ogden, UT
  • Services: Draft Beer System, Glycol Power Pack, Custom Draft Tower, Nitrogen Processor


This mission started in Los Angeles, CA, and ended approximately 724 miles later in Ogden, UT. The mission’s goals were simple, install a custom draft beer system, glycol power pack and custom beer tower at UTOG Brewery. The mission detail involved running 12 draft beer lines and hanging the custom beer tower 14′ from the ceiling to overlook the brewery below. We accomplished all mission objectives as planned, and UTOG is now serving some of the best beer and food in the entire state of Utah.


custom beer tower

DBI designed and installed this custom 12 faucet beer tower in partnership with the UTOG Brewery team. This custom beer tower hangs from the 14′ ceiling and proudly overlooks the entire brewery. This tower consists of all stainless steel parts and components. The stainless steel assures pure flavors, and quality pours.

custom draft tower

DBI custom draft tower with 12 stainless steel faucets in 6 ½” brewery pipe with custom galvanized steel finish. All beer lines from the keg cooler to this custom draft tower were barrier quality. Barrier tubing does not stain or hold flavor. This quality assures every sip tastes the way the brewer intended.


nitrogen processor

A Green Air Supply nitrogen processor filters nitrogen from the air at a 99.8% purity, delivering high-quality nitrogen to the draft system. There are many nitrogen processors on the market, but this is the one you want generating nitrogen for your draft beer system.


secondary regulator panels

DBI custom secondary regulator panels deliver a precise carbonation level to each keg. In addition, FOB’s reduce product waste when the keg empties. Most importantly, all DBI draft beer system installations come standard with barrier tubing jumper lines and all stainless components.


glycol chiller power pack

DBIs glycol power pack with outdoor housing. This keeps draft lines between the keg room and the custom draft tower cold. We designed the draft beer system so that each side of the tower has a dedicated pump per 6 draft beer lines. Therefore, beer at UTOG Brewery is guaranteed cold pint after pint.

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